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Posted by Kumicho On December - 24 - 2010

Back before there was the glory that is Windows 7, we had Windows XP. Although I didn’t really care about XP that much, as I loved Windows 2000 Professional, I settled into XP.

One of the best features of XP, and the only reason that I upgraded, was XP’s support of themes, clear type fonts, and icons. I loved this theme in particular, and on all my boxes that are still running XP I install it immediately.

Unfortunately, this theme isn’t easily available on the net, so I decided to post it here. I’d like to give credit to its creator, arhra, and thank him for such a great theme!

Download (158 KB)

The easiest way to install custom themes is to download a simple utility like the UX Theme Multi Patch, which will overwrite a small file on your box that will allow you to use this and other custom themes. Reboot, and enjoy!

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